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We produce the boots of high quality

in acceptable prices and in agreed dates of deliveries.


Our designers and technologists

develop and prepare the production of new exclusive styles of boots according to the requirements of various foreign companies.


We have much experience in projection and introducing

of new shoe technologies in organization of manufacturing, supplying, controling of high standard quality of shoe production. Our company was established in 1992 and permanently empolyes more than 50 very skill shoe-makers. Our company is situated in the area with long-term tradition of shoe-production.


We have been using the licence of Sympatex technology

for the production of waterproof boots since 1998

walking, motorcycle and high action boots

We produce fashionable

walking shoes, motorcycle boots, figure skating boots for the amateur and top sportsmen, fire-resistant car racing shoes, the special certificated boots for firemen, the special medical shoes, trekking shoes and other special categories according to the requirements of our customers


The boots are produced and exported

above all for the western - European customers but also for American and Japanise market. 99 % of all production is exported.